My Top 10 Packing Tips

Two words I love are vacation and sunshine. Two words I dislike are packing and airplane. Let’s start with the love. There is nothing better than the day before you leave on vacation. You’re excited, ready for an adventure and if you live in the Pacific Northwest you are in desperate need of sunshine. Now to the dislikes – some say I’m an excellent packer, which comes from a history of traveling. I still don’t enjoy it due to I can never decide what I want to bring, not to mention what shoes am I going to wear! I’ll discuss with you why I dislike airplanes in a future post. If you must know read 10 facts you must know about me and pay attention to #7.

I’m jet setting to Napa, California today to spend time with one of my best friends from college! This will be my third trip to the area and I could not be more excited. I’m ready for a week filled with wine tasting, a SF Giants game, beach and city days, and last but not least the Bruno Mars concert. I’ll try my best to post at least once while I’m gone but no promises!

I thought this would be a great time to share some of my well-known packing skills not to mention I was watching the Today show this morning and saw a great clip that got me thinking about this post. I also found two articles filled with tips from Marie Claire & Best Vacations Ever!

Top 10 Packing Tips

1. Get organized

Best way to get organized is to make a list.  I have a BB, which has this wonderful little thing called MemoPad that is stock full of my packing lists. I always create it at least two days before due to the fact I’m always thinking of something to add.

2. Check the weather

I always go to the week before to see what the weather is going to be like.

3. Choose clothing wisely

Everyone always wants to pack their entire closet but that just isn’t practical especially with the checked baggage rates rising by the minute. Easiest way to choose is to stick to color scheme. Bring clothing that you can mix and match like a white pair of pants and a light color skirt that you can wear the same tops with.  Topical place – light, airy clothing or suitcase filled with only swimsuits {my personal choice}. Colder place – pack layers and wear your most bulky things on the plane.

4. Lay out everything before you pack it

This is the easiest mistake I see people do. Rather than laying out everything they just throw it all in and end up bringing three of the same thing. Lay things out so you can mix, match and remove those unnecessary items.

5. Roll large items and utilize every inch of the suitcase

Roll and fold items to fit the shape of your suitcase. Start at the bottom with rolled pants, leggings or other bulky items and then work your way to the top where things are laid flat.

6. Bring versatile shoes

This is the hardest part for me because I have a shoe obsession. Only bring the shoes you need and never take a new pair that you haven’t broken in yet. Tropical place – 1 to 2 pairs of sandals or flip-flops, 1 pair of running shoes and 1 pair of heels or dress flats. Cold climate –  1 pair of dress flats, heels or cute boots, 1 pair of walking or running shoes and if needed a winter boot for snow. Always wear your most bulky shoe on the plane.

7. Buy things there

Usually people travel to places that have similar stores as their home. That is unless you are going into the jungle. Don’t pack something you can buy there like sunscreen. If you leave your shampoo, conditioner and face lotion at home you might find a brand you love while traveling.

8. Call ahead

Check with the hotel or resort you are staying at about what items they have in the room. No need to double pack if they provide hair dryers and other necessities. It’s also wise to ask them if they have a laundry room on site, if so bring less clothing!

9. Use versatile bags

If you carry on, which I do they only allow you to bring one personal item along with your suitcase. I choose a personal bag that can also be used as a beach or travel bag while on the trip. I empty my purse and lay it flat in my suitcase that way I have it when I’ve arrived. Rather than my typical wallet I use a more of a clutch style wallet, similar to a Hobo that can double for going out.

10. Don’t forget your chargers

My worst fear is leaving the house without my BB and iPod charger. You will need your phone to stay connected while on vacation and your iPod to listen to great tunes. You iPhone users have it easy all you have to do is remember one. If you’re taking a camera make sure you don’t forget that charger as well!

The more organized you are prior to leaving the less stressed you will be the day of departure. Don’t forget to check that list twice before you leave the house! I’d love to hear what tips you have and stories from your favorite vacation!



2 responses to “My Top 10 Packing Tips

  1. Hi, Em!

    Thanks so much for mentioning us in your blog post! We love to hear tips from our readers, too! Lists are definitely the best way to begin packing, especially when traveling with family or children.

    Great post!

    – Best Vacations Ever

  2. Hi, BVE!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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