Ingredients For a Perfect Summer

Happy first day of summer! I’m so excited for summer this year and hopefully some great, much needed sunny weather!

I was on Twitter this morning {the first thing I do every morning} and a friend from college tweeted “Such a creative way to write a list!  RT @LaurenConrad My recipe for a stellar summer… 🙂 Tell me yours!” Check it out, it’s adorable. Thanks to Nicole’s tweet and Lauren Conrad’s perfect first day of summer post, I’ve decided to create a “sweet summer recipe for summer fun” as well!

Day Ingredients

1 Tablespoon ~ Cool morning jogs

3 heaping scoops of naps in the park or on the beach

A sprinkle of peach sun tea

3 Cups ~ Backyard BBQ’s with a pinch of of the Cocktail soundtrack

1 Pint ~ Strawberry Daiquiris, Margaritas or my personal favorite Mojitos

2 Cups ~ Sunsets and that cool summer breeze

Weekend Ingredients

4 Bottles ~ Wine tasting, outdoor concerts and farmer’s markets

A dash of spontaneous road-trips

A bag of unexpected adventures

1/2 Cup ~ Sunday Brunch {Girls only and mimosas or greyhounds required}

A splash of beach trips

1/2 Gallon ~ Aloe Vera gel and SPF


Mix everything together from June – September and enjoy!

What are your ingredients for a perfect summer?



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