Napa Valley Wine Tasting

I’m not a wine guru by any means but I do come from a wine loving family. I grew up going to wine tasting parties with my parents, yet didn’t have an appreciation for the taste until my 20’s. I started with sweet wine, moved to sparkling wine {champagne}, from there to white on to rosé and now I have a new love and appreciation for red.

This last trip to Napa was my third trip. I love the valley and could see myself living there. I think it pays off to go with someone who either is from the area or has been there before. Luckily my friend Emily was born and raised in Napa and her father is a local wine maker {one of the best according to me.}

This trip we spent our time at three wineries along the Silverado Trail. It’s a beautiful drive and you get a taste of what makes Napa Valley – Napa Valley. I highly recommend it and can’t wait for my next trip to visit more of the wineries.

Winery # 1

Our first stop was at Judd’s Hill {1st stop on the trail} to visit Em’s dad and plan our wine tasting afternoon. We didn’t do a tasting, but we did come back the following day {my last day in Napa} and spent a few hours in the sun tasting.

Favorite Wines

  1. 2010 Napa Valley Rose {perfect with dinner or for an afternoon glass with friends – I first fell in love with this wine in 09 on my first trip to Napa}
  2. 2010 Sauvignon Blanc {refreshing, light and perfect for an afternoon in the sun}
~Sitting on the patio at Judd’s Hill~

Winery # 2

Our second stop was at Hagafen – J one of the employees at Judd’s said we had to stop here and visit the tasting room. We are so happy we did. Nancy took very good care of us and after multiple tastings and great conversations we left with a bottle of what Nancy calls the “just because” wine.

Favorite Wines

  1. 2010 White Riesling, Napa Valley, Estate Bottled { our “just because” wine – bright, fruity and the perfect amount of sweetness}
  2. 2007 Cuvée de Noirs Sparkling Wine {J’s recommendation – a tasty sparkling wine perfect for a girls night in}
  3. 2008 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc {a delicious dessert wine, a platinum medal and one of the other Em’s favorites}
~In front of Hagafen~

Winery # 3

Our last stop was at Honig – a little of the Silverado Trail but definitely worth the visit. This was Emily’s 2nd trip to the winery and she loved it so much she took me back. The winery is beautiful and there is a great outside patio. Em and I soaked up the Cali sun and had a fabulous tasting.

Favorite Wines

  1. 2008 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley {my favorite type of red wine – smooth, rich and full}
  2. 2008 Honig Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc {by far the best dessert wine I’ve ever tasted – magic in a bottle and the reason we came to Honig}

I’m planning my next trip for August and cannot wait to visit more of the Silverado Trail!

~Hagafen vineyard~

I’d love to hear about your favorite wines and wineries!



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