Fill In The Blank Friday

It’s Friday and we are half way through July! This summer is flying by, and I wish it would slow down just a tad so we could enjoy this beautiful weather a little bit longer. I have high hopes for a warm and sunny August and September here in Oregon.

I’m off to a wedding in Idaho this weekend! I love summer weddings, but I’m not looking forward to the 8 hour drive. Thankfully we have some great tunes on the iPod!

Let’s kick off the weekend with Lauren’s Fill In The Blanks!

1. I am a (morning, evening, middle of the day person) evening person most definitely! I can be a morning person if I have to {easier in the summer when it’s sunny}, but I usually crash by the middle of the day.

2. My favorite Pandora stations are Camila, Jennifer Lopez and Usher. After listening to Lauren’s favorite “Girl Talk,” I might have to add that to the list.

3. 3 of my “must-have” songs for a road trip playlist are Kokomo by The Beach Boys, Red Red Wine by UB40, and the entire Mamma Mia! soundtrack.

4. My favorite pattern is tribal or animal! I’m not sure if I could pull of the look but I love it nonetheless.

5. My favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

6. Rules are rules, some are meant to be broken and others are necessary.

7. My most overused phrase or punctuation is “seriously?” or “really?” I must not be taking people “seriously” this summer! I definitely over use the exclamation point. I’m just an all-around happy person and sometimes I feel like my emails or a simple text sound too boring without a few!



2 responses to “Fill In The Blank Friday

  1. Seriously Em? I love the Usher mix too. I like this post.

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