Things That Caught My Eye

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts, I’m a little busy with work at the moment! I promise once this Gala is over then I will post more than just once a week. Rather than sharing a delicious recipe or a fun adventure I’ve been on recently, I’ve decided to try something new and post a few things that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

Thank you Joe McRae for posting this on FB tonight! 

2. The Seven BAD Habits of Highly Effective PR Girls
NYC PR girls is one of my favorite blogs to read, not only can I relate by being a fellow PR girl but I just love reading what they write. This was my favorite post this week.

3. Maritime-Themed Party Ideas 
I’m a little obsessed with planning events at the moment so bear with me while I share this fun themed party idea that I happened to come across thanks to DailyCandy.  

4. GrowBottle Upcycled Hydrogardens
I came across this perfect housewarming gift for someone who loves both wine and growing your own herbs. Thanks again to DailyCandy

5. 46NYC
I first heard about 46NYC via Michelle Money on Twitter. It’s an amazing apparel company that is dedicated to raising money and creating awareness for causes that impact our global community. Follow Graham Bunn for more information. 

What caught your eye this week?



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