10 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party

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Tomorrow night I will be taking part in my two favorite things: 1. Celebrating the holidays and 2. Hosting a party. This year my family is hosting our second Holiday Open House and I could not be more excited. Last year was a huge hit and I know our neighbors and friends are excited for us to do it again. Since this is my favorite time of the year and I love planning parties, I thought I’d share a few tips with you!

 10 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party 
{In no particular order}

1. Pick a date and create a great invitation
{The holidays are a busy time of year. Weekends are usually filled with buying last minute gifts and getting the house ready for the holidays. Having a small open house or an after work party is perfect. Thursdays and Fridays seem to work best. After the date is nailed down, be creative and give your guests a taste of what the party will be like with a personal invite created by you!}

2. Clean before you prepare the food and drinks 
{Cooking, baking and setting up your drink bar is always easier in a house that is already set up for the party. Take your time during the week and tackle one room at a time! Make sure you clean EVERY room, you might end up giving a house tour for guests that have yet to see your place!}

3. Decorate
{Choose a theme that is right for your taste. This year’s theme is traditional and classy. The Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments from over the years, stockings are hung by the fire, vases are filled with silver, gold & lights and fresh flowers or candles are in every room!}

4. Prepare plenty of delicious food
{Choose a menu that is delicious, easy and in small portions. People are going to be moving throughout your house so having small bites to eat are easier. Plan ahead of time and buy all of your ingredients the week before. I love to cook and bake but there is nothing wrong with buying appetizers and hours d’oeuvres!}

5. Set up a drink bar 
{Let guest serve themselves that way you can enjoy the party. Choose an area that is east to get to and has plenty of room. Drink bar this year will be complete with: hot apple cider, mulled wine, martinis, scotch, red wine, white wine, champagne, Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider and soda.}

6. Place food and drinks wisely
{During an open house or party guest will be moving throughout different rooms, set up each room for different types of moods and socializing. The kitchen is perfect for the drink bar and you can leave the hot cider and mulled wine on the stove. The dining room table works great for food, people can take what they like and move into the living room or lounge to sit and catch up. Place large glass bottles or pitchers filled with water in every room for guests to enjoy and remember to hydrate while enjoying the drink bar.}

7. Music 
{No holiday party is complete without a holiday play list. Fill your iPod or CD player with holiday tunes, mix it up with classical hits everyone knows and ones that were just released.}

8. Enjoy your guests and have a good time
{Clean, decorate, prepare and set up before guests arrive. They are coming not only for the party but to see you as well. Greet your guests at the door with a drink in hand, a warm smile, and welcome them inside. If you are prepared and relaxed your guest will be relaxed too!}

9. Take pictures
{Some memories fade but a picture lasts forever! Make sure your battery is charged and your memory card has plenty of space. Pictures are a great way to capture the fun and special moments of the evening. They also make the perfect thank you gift for those that attended!}  

10. Em’s Secret Tips
{1. Make sure you have plenty of ice; 2. Burn strong scented candles during the day while preparing the house but choose softer candles for the party; 3. Make hot apple cider and mulled wine a few hours before the event so that when guest walk in it’s the first thing they smell; 4. Clean up as you prepare; 5. Dress up, have fun and celebrate.}

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What are your favorite holiday party tips?!



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