The longest month {to me} is finally over! I don’t know what it is about January but it always feels more like 61 days than 31 days. It might be due to the fact that the holiday season {my favorite time of year} is over. I’m excited that today is the first and boy do I have a fun month ahead!


1. Birthdays
February is a month filled with both family and friend birthdays! I love celebrating and planning parties so of course birthdays have my name written all over them. This weekend is one of my best friends 24th, in a few weekends it’s my grandfather’s 98 and at the end of the month it’s the cutest baby in the world’s first birthday! 

2. Valentine’s Day
I’m a hopeless romantic. I love being in love. I have to admit the holiday is much more fun if you have someone special to spend it with. I’m missing the special person this year but that won’t stop me from doing something fun.

3. Beach Trip
When you only live an hour away from the beach a month is not complete without a quick trip to the coast! I didn’t make it over in January so a trip is a must this month! 

In just 23 days I will be departing on a very exciting two week vacation! I’ll post where I am going soon. The next 23 days will be filled with pre-packing, planning and booking! 



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