Our Last Stop Begins

We’ve arrived at the last stop on our two week adventure! I can’t believe the end of the trip is just a few days away.

London is wonderful. We are staying in the most adorable hotel in the Belgravia area. The shops and restaurants are a sight to see and there’s a little cake shop we are going to try! We got a little lost, cold and wet but sometimes you have to get lost to find your way! We can’t wait to explore the city more.


Champagne, tea and water – what more does a girl need to survive The Chunnel. We met the most lovely lady from LA and chatted with her the entire way!


Spitalfields Market


We had a lovely time chatting with vendors and looking at handmade goods. We did get quite cold and need to invest in some gloves for the rest of our stay!


We warmed up our hands with hot chocolate from Leon’s


Our first meal in London and of course we ordered fish and chips


We celebrated our first night and last lag of our trip with glasses of prosecco!

Day two here we come!


P.S. Thanks to everyone that has been reading the blog and joining us on our adventures. We miss you all and wish you could be here traveling with us. There is also a congratulations in order to one of my dearest and closest friends Bryan who married his beautiful fiancé Kelly this past weekend. I love you both and wish I could have been there!


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