Exploring the City of Sails

From Devonport with Mr. Steve to a late afternoon with Degas we had a lovely last day in Auckland. This morning we hopped on a ferry to Devonport, the ultimate waterfront destination, and met up with Mr. Steve our personal tour guide for a short tour of the village. We hiked up the volcanic cone (North Head)and dreamed of what the sandy beaches would be like in summer. After some fish and chips we hopped back on the ferry and made our way to the Auckland Art Gallery Toio Tamaki and saw the Degas to Dali exhibit. It was incredible and reminded me of the museums I went to just a few months ago in Paris. Today was a wonderful, somewhat relaxing day and tomorrow we are off to Napier!

20120607-203904.jpgOn the ferry! It was a bit chilly but worth it!



20120607-204150.jpgFrom the top of North Head


20120607-204300.jpgDowntown Auckland from North Head

20120607-204314.jpgIt was the perfect day to take a ferry!

20120607-204331.jpgAfternoon glass of wine…I don’t see why not!

20120607-204339.jpgEspecially when we got to sit in these comfy benches in the sun

20120607-204349.jpgThe Auckland Art Gallery Toio Tamaki

20120607-204358.jpgChoi Jeong Hwa, Flower Chandelier


20120607-204514.jpgThe Sky Tower at night



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