Windy Wellington

We made it to our third New Zealand destination! I’m getting a great taste of the North Island and this wonderful country. Wellington is a beautiful city filled with incredible museums, lots of culture, and wonderful people. I haven’t met an unkind Kiwi yet! The last two days we have been exploring the city via John’s Hop on Hop off City Tour and have had a great time! I love the city tours because you get a good feel for where all the exciting sights are and you usually have a wonderful tour guide that shares city history. We love Wellington thus far and we can’t wait to explore more of the city over the next few days.

20120611-190330.jpg 20120611-190340.jpg
Mt. Victoria Lookout – it was windy…but beautiful!

20120611-190501.jpg 20120611-190510.jpg

20120611-190616.jpgWellington Botanic Garden & Otari-Wilton’s Bush

20120611-190734.jpgAlong one of the scenic walks

20120611-190758.jpgZealandia! 20120611-191404.jpgWe were lucky enough to enjoy the Sanctuary Valley before the rain started

20120611-191455.jpgOne of the beautiful birds!

20120611-191502.jpgWe soaked up as much sun as possible! 20120611-191531.jpgNew Zealand’s rarest wildlife live freely in this ecosanctuary

20120611-191559.jpgWe walked through Cuba St. in the rain!

20120611-191612.jpgMom & Dad



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