Emily Jane Olson {EM ih lee – jayn – OH l s uh n}

From the Latin Aemilia, an old Roman family name {I knew my roots would somehow lead back to Italy}

Meaning: Trying to equal, Excel, Rival, Eager, Emulating, Flatterer, Ambitious

Extraordinary Emily’s who I share my name: poet Emily Dickinson, author Emily Brontë, actresses Emily Watson and Emily Blunt

10 facts you must know about me:

  1. I love Italian and Mexican food
  2. Singing, cooking and planning events are my greatest passions
  3. Favorite colors are navy blue and white
  4. Top five places I love to travel to {internationally} are the entire country of Italy; Spetces, Greece; Mooloolaba, Australia; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the entire country of Spain
  5. Top five in the U.S. are Kihei, Maui; Clear Water Beach, Florida; Washington D.C  {Georgetown}, Napa, California; Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. I love gelato {lemon and coconut specifically} and frozen yogurt {tart please}
  7. Even though I love to travel I hate to fly {I’ve tried everything and I’m still terrified}
  8. I love wine, sangria and my favorite cocktail of choice will always be a mojito, probably because I love anything and everything lime
  9. I practice retail therapy with my mother and there is just something about shopping that turns the day around
  10. December is my favorite month of the year + January first because I absolutely love everything about Christmas and New Years

I’m 25, my birthday is in November. I’m a Scorpio, which says a lot about me if you know me. I have a degree in Public Relations and I love every minute of it. I spent the first 17 years of my life in Moscow, ID and since then I have been living in the lovely, green state of Oregon. I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2010, my parent’s alma mater and where they met.  I’m a PR Consultant, Event Planner and Social Media Enthusiast!

I love words, and different languages especially the romance languages. Here are some of my favorite and represent who I am as a person –

Love,  Amor, Amore
Eat, Comer, Mangiare
Passion, Pasión, Passione
Beauty, Belleza, Bellezza
Life, Vida, Vita
Smile, Sonrisa, Sorriso
Laughter, Risa, Risata
Balance, Equilibrio, Equilibrio
Dance, Bilar, Danza
Sing, Cantar, Cantare
Dream, Sueño, Sogno
Live, Vivir, Vivere
Sweet, Dulce ,Dolce


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