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Hello Portland, It’s Nice to Meet you…Again!

I just wrapped up my first month living in the city; it’s been a few years since the last time I lived here, so I’m excited to be back! Slowly my new place is coming together, piece by piece, and should feel like home in no time. I can’t wait to explore new thing and enjoy the beautiful summer weather! If you’re unfamiliar with PDX check out the video below!

(Via Travel Portland)

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place…until then,
laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that
everything happens for a reason”
~ Carrie Bradshaw ~



My Summer Check List


Happy first day of SUMMER! I love this time of year and have spent the last few days dreaming about my plans for the next few months. Time is going to fly by but luckily here in Oregon summer has been lasting through September. Here’s my summer check list so far:

1. Trips to the beach

2. BBQ’s in the backyard & on the patio

3. Cool morning jogs

4. Sunday Brunch with mimosas & greyhounds

5. Unplanned weekend getaways

6. Beautiful sunsets and warm nights

7. Wine tasting, concerts, and farmer’s markets

8. Naps in the park

9. Quality time with friends and family

10. Plenty of sun tea, mojitos, dance parties and new memories

Cheers to an amazing summer!


A New Beginning

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of change is “to make a shift from one to another.” According to me the definition of change is “a terrifying, stressful transition from something you are comfortable with to something new.” Thankfully, change is something we are all used to and unfortunately something certain in life. It’s never an easy transition but change is usually a good thing in the end!

In my last post “A Life Lesson,” I tried, in a very vague way, to give you some insight into my crazy life; was the suspense killing you? I doubt it since I didn’t give many clues. Thing have by no means settled down, but they have changed quite a bit! First change: I have moved to a new city; second change: I have a new job! I honestly can’t believe it, but then again doesn’t everything usually happen all at once? It definitely does for me!

I’m nowhere close to being settled in my new city and week by week I’m becoming more settled in my new job, but for now I’m trying to enjoy the transition from something comfortable to something new and explore what my new home has to offer. Thankfully I’ve lived here before and have the most amazing friends who are welcoming me with open arms and helping the transition move more smoothly.

Thanks for being patient with me while I was MIA for months at a time! I promise I’m back for good and can’t wait to post about my life in the city and exciting things for the future!



A Life Lesson


Where do I even begin…the lack of blogging the last 2 months is partly due to the fact that my life has been a roller coaster filled with ups and downs and partly due to the fact that in the last month I have been extremely busy. The quote above pretty much sums it up!

In the coming weeks I will have a lot to post, but for now I have some difficult but exciting choices to make! I promise to share the second I have it all figured it out.


7 More Days

A week from today my beloved cousin, Bob, is coming to visit from Australia! You have heard me mention him here and over the next few posts you will get to know him even better!


We first met in 2000 on my first trip to Australia and have been writing letters and emailing since. I’ve been lucky enough to go visit him again in 2006 and just last summer in 2012. He couldn’t wait another 6 years to spend time with the family so he decided to voyage over to America for two weeks!

IMG_2086 IMG_2060


I could not be more excited to see my favorite Aussie! Let countdown begin!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Australia 197 Australia 214